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I am the achievement miner, accountability coach, and mediator for your family.

Allow me to minimize the stress associated with the process of applying to college. I use a streamlined plan from start to finish to keep students on the right track as they prepare to launch into the next, exciting phase of their lives!

Are you a “B” student who is unaware of your hidden potential and unique personality traits?

Maybe you are an exceptional student who challenges yourself with every class and test you take, but you have not discovered what makes you stand out in the crowd?

Alycia Hochberger, M.Ed.
College Consultant



In my two decades of teaching kids of all ages, I have honed my skill at getting to the heart of a teenager’s personality and helping them unearth their own talents and see themselves differently—with more confidence and enthusiasm. While the college application process is daunting to many, for me it is the perfect vehicle for me to apply my best talents to help a teenager discover and thrive at his or her best talents.

I am the achievement miner, accountability coach, and mediator for your family. Allow me to minimize the stress associated with the process of applying to college. I use a streamlined plan from start to finish to keep students on the right track as they prepare to launch into the next, exciting phase of their lives!

My students are the real superstars. I love to provide them with my expert advice & guidance. Take a look at some of their acceptances...

Columbia University, Cornell University, Colgate University, Pepperdine University, Cal POLY SLO, San Jose State University, Drexel University, University of Southern California, Loyola University Maryland, University of Colorado-Boulder, University of Texas- Dallas, Northwestern University, University of Memphis, Louisiana State University, University of Alabama- Birmingham, University of Pittsburgh, Loyola University- Chicago, San Francisco State University, University of Colorado Denver, University of California San Francisco, College of Charleston, Saint Mary’s College, Rhodes College, University of Oregon, Mississippi State University, University of Alabama, University of Massachusetts Amherst, University of Massachusetts Lowell, Boston University, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Endicott College School of Nursing, University of California Riverside, Rochester Institute of Technology, University of Miami, Clark University, The University of New Hampshire, Worcester State University, Arizona State University, University of Rhode Island, Rice University, Penn State University, Syracuse University, and the list keeps on growing…

TOP 5 Reasons why

AK College Consulting is Exceptional

My students learn quickly that I am amused and inspired by their energy and resiliency. I am a mother and a former middle/high school teacher. 
I prioritize finding the “right fit” school for your child. Every young adult deserves to learn in a place where they feel comfortable, socially and academically.
I will return calls and emails. You will be treated like I would hope to be treated if you were my child’s consultant.
As an expert in the field, I spend countless hours learning about colleges, universities and application strategies.
Colleges do not want to admit another clone, and that is okay because everyone is beautifully unique. As we work through our college “to-do” lists, I ask thoughtful questions that guide the applicant as they prepare their essays and applications.

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You have a talent for this work, Alycia. If I did not have your guidance, I would not have attended college. You made me feel understood, you helped me recall and realize all of my accomplishments, and you gave me the confidence to apply to college. I got a $20,000 academic/hockey scholarship my first year, and a $30,000 scholarship this year because I made the Dean’s List. Thank you.
-Zack Sophomore
Johnson and Wales University
Providence, Rhode Island
You have helped me a lot. Simply meeting with you gave me motivation, and you gave me insights into the college admissions process, I would otherwise not know about.
High School Class of 2023

Thank you so much for helping me get into my dream school! I am so happy! I love my classes, my professors and my new friends. I had a competitive GPA in high school, but I was nervous about not submitting any test scores. You helped me elevate my Common Application by reminding me of all of my accomplishments, while encouraging me to sign up for an important leadership position at my high school. You helped me stay organized the entire time, and you offered even more help when we had to make final decisions and look at merit scholarships. I appreciate you so much!
University of Miami, Class of 2026

We knew Sam loved math, but we had no idea where to begin to help him develop his interests and skills. Alycia, you were the golden ticket. Watching you and Sam communicate in their first session was mind-blowing because he was so comfortable and communicative with you. I got to see my son enjoy the process of answering questions about his future, and I could tell that he felt like you really understood him. Sam has some direction now, and I can see how this clarity will lead to increased exposure to future careers, interests and opportunities. When I asked him about his experiences while working with his consultant, he told me that he felt understood, comfortable and excited about his future. Alycia, you are truly helping him develop a plan for high school, college, and beyond.
Parent of a Rising Junior
“On behalf of Rachel and our whole family, we would like to thank you for your support, assistance and guidance for Rachel’s successful college application and admission. Rachel was admitted to her top college of choice, Rhodes College, majoring in Biomathematics. Attached is Rachel’s Financial Aid Offer. Rachel received a top merit scholarship and other financial aid for a total of $180,000.00. We believe that this was made possible through your assistance:
1. Rachel’s application stood out – Her essay and purposeful extra-curricular activities. Rachel worked on her extracurriculars and community involvement and leadership activities with your encouragement.
2. Rachel’s academic accomplishments – Rachel, was even more motivated to improve her academics and ACT scores after we signed up. It gave her a goal and purpose. Alycia made sure that Rachel’s accomplishments were highlighted appropriately.
3. Even with our income level, we still received a substantial amount of aid. Alycia, our expert, also helped us appeal for more aid. We got $16,000 more per year (4K more per year) after appealing. Then, Rachel got $20K more (5K more per year) from the Music Scholarship.

Thank you so much again for everything!”

Igharas Family
“I just did the math and I received $492,100 in scholarships all thanks to the wonderful work you helped me do on all of my applications.”

“Hopefully some of my friends will reach out to you as their Juniors start the process. We found you too late but you gave us comfort at the end of the process.”
“Thank you for your support during the process of college applications and decisions. As of right now, I am between Columbia and Northwestern, so I am very excited!”

-Natalia V.
“You made this process so easy for our whole family, and I feel like you really saw Harper and worked to help her find the best options for her. We never would have found this great fit for our daughter without your excellent assistance and guidance. I cannot recommend your services enough. I am grateful to have found you!”

-Jill B.
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